澄清聲明:有人偽冒本集團員工名義   本集團得悉中國大陸有人藉以青建國際控股有限公司員工之名義,在中國境內從事投資或收購活動。截止目前,我們並未考慮在大陸有類似投資意向。不法分子未取得公司授權,私自偽冒公司名義進行詐騙。鑒於是次事件懷疑有人利用本集團之良好商譽,藉此誤導大眾,本集團予以高度關注。為免大眾被誤導及蒙受損失,現特此聲明,並特別呼籲各界人士提高警惕。本集團已就偽冒事件尋求法律意見並保留任何追究權利,以維護本集團之形象。如遇上述情況,請及時與公司聯繫。   地址:香港九龍灣宏照道39號企業廣場三期8樓   電話:(852) 3163 3980   傳真:(852) 2560 6263   電郵
About Us

CNQC International Holdings Limited ( is listed on the mainboard of Hong Kong Stock Exchange with major businesses in real estate, construction, and lifestyle smart home/smart communities application etc. Our current market covers Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia etc. Our wholly-owned subsidiary CNQC (South Pacific) Holdings Pte., Ltd is a renowned property developer and contractor and its subsidiary, Qingjian Realty (South Pacific) Group Pte Ltd has been recognised as one of the Top Ten Developers in Singapore for years. Qingjian International (South Pacific) Group Development Co.,Pte Ltd,the subsidiary of the company, is the first Chinese-funded enterprise in Singapore to obtain the PPVC IPA (Principle Approval Certificate) and the full version of MAS (Manufacturer License) for the concrete structure system. It is the first in the current PPVC construction market in Singapore. An echelon. The company has its own PPVC design, manufacturing, transportation and hoisting system. It has established PPVC prefabricated factories in Malaysia and Singapore respectively, and established a professional PPVC construction technical team through technical training and talent construction. CNQC Intelligent Construction (HK) Limited (CNQCiC) established to serve the growing demand of Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) in Hong Kong, Macau and Great Bay Area. Based on more than 19 years of experiences in the field of PPVC in Singapore (same as MiC in Hong Kong), CNQCiC is capable on both Concrete MiC and Steel MiC business for advanced and high quality modules. For the Concrete MiC, we adopted most advanced 3D casting technology from Europe and will have our own factory in Hong Kong producing high quality products for the public and private sectors of Hong Kong, Macau and Great Bay Area