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Forest City P52 Project

Updated Date: 2019-01-02


1.  类型:公寓

Type: Apartment


2.  业态:住宅

Format: Residential


3.  面积:7.59万平方米

Area: 75,900 square meters


4.  地址:马来西亚柔佛州

Address: Johor, Malaysia


5.  套数:136套

Number of sets: 136 sets


6.  采用技术:采用SSGF新型建造体系

Adoption technology: adopting SSGF new construction system


7.  开工时间:2018年6月8日

Starting time: June 8, 2018


8.  预计完工时间:2020年1月5日

Estimated completion time: January 5, 2020


9.  获奖情况:



(3)颁发机构: 碧桂园森林城市


(1) Name of the award: The fastest start of the forest city, the fastest completion of the positive and negative zero award
(2) Award time: October 2018
(3) Authorities: Country Garden Forest City


The technical difficulties that the company broke through in the construction project:Fully interspersed construction, aluminum alloy formwork, full cast-in-place exterior wall, high-precision floor, floor water interception, prefabricated stairs, external wall climbing frame, water and electricity precision positioning and other new technologies and processes.


Forest City P52 Project