Qingjian International (South Pacific) Group Development Co.,Pte Ltd. is the first Chinese-funded enterprise in Singapore to obtain the PPVC IPA (Principle Approval Certificate) and the full version of MAS (Manufacturer License) for the concrete structure system. It is the first in the current PPVC construction market in Singapore. An echelon.


The company has its own PPVC design, manufacturing, transportation and hoisting system. It has established PPVC prefabricated factories in Malaysia and Singapore respectively, and established a professional PPVC construction technical team through technical training and talent construction.


By researching and exploring the PPVC market and construction technology in advance, the company currently has three PPVC projects under construction, namely the Le Quest project , the Daintree Residences project and TAMPINES N6C15-16 project, which are attracting most developers. Conduct visits and study to enhance the influence of market brands.


Based on the existing equipment resources and technical capabilities, the company can achieve complete and mature PPVC integrated assembly line production, and has the ability to meet the challenges of any PPVC project.